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We need your support! As a non-profit organization, the Las Vegas Philharmonic relies on the generosity of our patrons, friends and the community to help supplement ticket sales which cover less than 50 percent of our ongoing operational costs. When you make a tax-deductible gift to the Philharmonic, you are helping to support not only artistic excellence as highlighted in our concerts, but also our community outreach and education initiatives which help to boost the cultural climate of Las Vegas. Find out about all the ways you can support the Philharmonic by contacting us at 702.258.5438 or Your gift will be used to support the mission of providing music that enriches and educates, helping to build a vibrant, culturally rich community.

Individual Giving

Just like each musician on stage, or each note on the page, every donor plays a vital role. “There are a variety of ways to support our mission and each offers its own experiences and rewards. To learn more, contact us at 702.258.5438 or at

Corporate Giving

Each year, The Las Vegas Philharmonic reaches thousands of people of all ages through our educational initiatives, concerts and special events. These activities provide tremendous potential for corporate partners looking to gain marketing exposure, strengthen their brands, support the local cultural community in which their employees live and work, and reach new audiences. To learn more, contact us at 702.258.5438 or at

Planned Giving

What does the Las Vegas Philharmonic mean to you? Would you like to help ensure the future of our orchestra for generations to come? To learn more, contact us at 702.258.5438 or at

Thank you to our generous sponsors and funders